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白鬼 光


Hikari Shiroki 白鬼 光
. Sobre mí .

Well, I'm Shiroki Hikari 始めまして よろしく お願いしなす ^^。 I'm a big fan of anime in general but I like shounen and yaoi the best and shounen-ai too ^^
Well, I know a little of everything in that matter so if you want to talk with me about any theme I'm open to everything.
I know three languages right know so I can talk with people who speak english, spanish and japanese and want to discuss something with me.

. Acerca de este lj .

This is a little blog that I use pretty much to reply to some friends on my list and participate on communities. I got random things posted and some topics are xxx rated so be aware.
My account is open to everyone but some topics are only visible to my friends list and even then, some entries are only visible to a selected ones. The general themes are open to everyone but only members can comment for now.

. Fandom .

I came back renewed with and old series pairing: HikaAki all the way! I should have watched Hikaru no Go years ago!!! this fandom need more doujinshis!!!! kyaaaaaaa (and I totally declare Akira to be the uke! XD)
Other pairings:
Abe x Mihashi
Sasuke x Naruto
Seregil x Alec

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Hikari's favorite quotes

"The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it."— Terry Pratchett

My forum signatures ^^.

Ningyou ilusion

Ningyou ilusion

Ningyou ilusion

Ningyou ilusion

ningyou ilusion

Ningyou ilusion


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